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Local mental health support in Slovenia during COVID-19: setting up primary health care helplines

  Matej Vinko, MD, Saška Roškar, Assist. Prof., PhD, Tatjana Novak Šubara, PhD and Alenka Tančič Grum, MA
In Slovenia, health promotion centers - embedded within all primary care centers - are the main providers of preventive and health-promotion services, including mental health services. Soon after the pandemic...

The story from Italy: COVID-19 and inequity

  Anna Maria Giammarioli, Rita Maria Ferrelli, Loredana Falzano, Paola De Castro, Aldina Venerosi, Emanuela Medda, Benedetta Mattioli, PhD, Raffaella Bucciardini and Health Equity ISS (HEISS)
Italy was the first European country to be hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the rest of the world watched, staff at the Italian National Institute of Health were under...

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