How corporations shape our food choices and health outcomes

Editorial by Caroline Costongs

13 December 2023

Nourishing people and planet: the cooperative revolution

Driven by a growing awareness of sustainability and ethical consumption, cooperatives, or ‘coops’, are reshaping the way people… Read More

13 December 2023

Health doesn’t start on the plate; it starts at the farmgate

While food is widely recognised as a cornerstone of health, its impact on our wellbeing extends far beyond… Read More

13 December 2023

Europe’s triple threat: securing our water, food, and health for a sustainable future

Water scarcity casts an ominous shadow over our health and over our livelihoods, a threat that will only… Read More

13 December 2023

Food culture’s entangled web: understanding the invisible influences on our food habits

What is food culture? How does it impact the way we eat, and in what way does industry… Read More

13 December 2023

How international efforts are reshaping our food environments

Creating a healthy and sustainable food system is a long and challenging task, but it is necessary for… Read More

13 December 2023

Is Europe setting the table for a healthier future for our children?

In recent years, the prevalence of childhood obesity has been steadily rising across Europe, posing a significant threat… Read More

13 December 2023

Behaviour and culture: the pillars of public health and health promotion

Improving public health requires a shift from focusing on individual behaviours to creating environments that support healthier choices…. Read More

13 December 2023

Breaking down silos: Estonia’s journey towards a unified prevention system

In the complex and dynamic world of public health, cross-sectoral collaboration has emerged as an essential tool for… Read More

13 December 2023

Increasing uptake: the impact of Slovakia’s free HPV vaccination rollout

In 2020, cervical cancer accounted for 2.5% of all new cancer cases diagnosed in women (excluding non-melanomxa skin… Read More

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