Being a trainee at EuroHealthNet

Andriana, you are a trainee at EuroHealthNet, what motivated you to come and work in our organisation?

One thing I have learned through my academic passage on the fields of Biology and Public Health as well as form the valuable working experience I have gained at important European organisations is that research cannot stand alone. Being able to produce robust research results is not enough. Communication is a core component of every research, policy or advocacy activity related to health. Therefore, as a health researcher I wanted to be able to effectively communicate my research findings to different audiences from European to local level, bring different stakeholders together and engage them with current health related issues. As a result, the trainee position on Communication and Network development offered by EuroHealthNet captured my attention from the very beginning. Through this traineeship I will be able to become familiar with the different type of communication tools, master my communication and interpersonal skills and learn how to identify and liaise with different stakeholders, statutes and organisations while promoting health and equity.

The aforementioned combined with EuroHealthNet’s excellent reputation as a health promotion organisation boosted my enthusiasm and motivation. I don’t consider this position solely a traineeship but a challenging position where I can work close to a passionate team comprised by successful professionals in the field of public health and health policy. It is the ideal next step for me and an excellent opportunity which, by the end of it, will have equipped me with the adequate tools to fulfil my future career aspirations.

What is your greatest interest in EuroHealthNet’s work?

After my graduation I have been always seeking challenging opportunities to dedicate my multidisciplinary skills and knowledge to promote and improve European citizens’ health, especially focusing on the vulnerable and the most socially deprived. The activities of EuroHealthNet come in full line with this vision. The most important and appealing aspect to me is the fact that EuroHealthNet doesn’t restrict the field of public health to care and treatment, but gives a broader view including poverty and social exclusion reflecting always on its activities the correlation between health and the various socioeconomic determinants. This is a crucial work and an approach of major importance, especially in a time when the right of people to health and healthy lifestyle is being threatened due to the current social and economic crisis.

Do you intend to continue working in the health sector / EU world?

I definitely want to continue working in the EU world and the field of public health. It is impressive how public health can deal with a wide range of issues as an integral part of many other fields and sectors. Health is indeed wealth, not the other way around, and I aim to promote this vision and contribute to putting health in its broader sense on the top of the political agenda whether at the EU, national or local level. My ultimate goal is to transfer all the knowledge and expertise I will gain through my experience and interaction with EU institutions and civil society organisations at the local level while fostering effective intersectoral collaboration. I know the later might sounds challenging but, when we talk about promoting health, we should all put our efforts together.

As a Communications and Network Development assistant, Andriana contributes to the execution of the PROGRESS annual work programme in the areas of communications, membership development, networking and advocacy. She also provides assistance in the monitoring as well as analysis of initiatives and policies related to healthy ageing and health literacy at the EU level.

Adriana Aroni
[email protected] | + posts

Andriana joined EuroHealthNet in February 2013. She has a background in Biology and holds a Master in European Public Health from Maastricht University. Prior to joining EuroHealthNet, she gained valuable experience in research and health policy through placements at Public Health Wales (NHS Trust) and The European Health Management Association. She is Greek by origin and speaks English, French and Spanish.

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