What is being done to tackle Health Inequalities in the EU?

Health Inequalities are a complex phenomenon, and entail lower life-spans and healthy-life years for millions of people in the EU. They undermine quality of life, well-being, the principle of solidarity, as well as economic development in our societies.  But what exactly are health inequalities? What are levels of health inequalities within and between countries in the EU? What actions are being taken at the EU, national and sub-national level to tackle them? In an effort to address these questions, EuroHealthNet has developed the Health Inequalities Portal, which aims to bring together a range of information on this topic in the EU.

The Portal can help users identify what can and is being done across Europe to reduce health inequalities. It for example contains two databases that provide over 300 examples of policies and good practices that can contribute to the reduction of health inequalities. The databases enable users to search for initiatives by country and by topic (e.g. disease prevention or employment conditions) as well as by target group (e.g. across society or elderly).

The Portal also contains a wide range of other resources and tools such as a publications database and information on Health in All Policies, including an online training module for public health professionals to facilitate this approach. In addition, it holds information on Health Impact Assessments with an equity focus and on how to engage stakeholders in efforts to reduce health inequalities. Visitors to the website can sign up for a newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news and developments at EU level and within Member States, related to health inequalities.

To visit the Health Inequalities Portal, go to www.health-inequalities.eu.

The European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities was developed by EuroHealthNet on behalf of the Equity Action Programme. This is the EU funded Joint Action on Health Inequalities, which aims to develop knowledge for action on health inequalities, to support the engagement of Member States, regions and other stakeholders and to share learning and action at a European policy level.

Yoline Kuipers
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Yoline is primarily responsible for the partnership and communication functions of the Equity Channel special project. She supports and develops the content of several online tools, as well as to bring together a wide network of people with an interest in health equity. Yoline is also engaged in liaison work with partners and EU bodies, for example by maintaining publications and presentations, shared calendars of events and a roadmap for the International Collaboration on the Social Determinants of Health.

Ingrid Stegeman
Program Manager at EuroHealthNet | + posts

Ingrid Stegeman is Programme Manager at EuroHealthNet. Most recently, she was involved in EuroHealthNet’s work on health promotion and disease prevention in the context of EU Joint Action CHRODIS+ and managed the EU Horizon 2020 INHERIT research project along with colleagues. She works on a range of initiatives led by EuroHealthNet in the areas of health inequalities and intersectoral collaboration for health.