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EuroHealthNet magazine highlights the most interesting projects and developments in the field of health equity, public health, and health promotion from within the partnership and beyond.

The EuroHealthNet partnership is a not-for-profit organisation made up of public bodies working from local to regional, national, and international levels across Europe. Our aim is to improve and sustain health between and within European States through action on the social determinants of health, and to tackle health inequalities. To find out more and become join the partnership, visit EuroHealthNet.eu Published twice per year, the online magazine is shared with more than 12,000 professionals via email and social media. The magazine aims to inspire professionals working in health promotion, tackling inequalities, or other related fields. It gives an international perspective, showing how challenges are approached in different settings. Particular attention is given to initiatives which reach across sectors to improve wellbeing and reduce inequalities. EuroHealthNet magazine presents organisations’ different strategic approaches and how these ideas are implemented though specific projects and initiatives. By sharing the stories and experiences of those at the frontline, we celebrate the best work in Europe today and stimulate modern and dynamic responses to new and existing challenges.

The magazine regularly covers:

  • Projects in action or recently evaluated.
  • Analysis of contemporary issues.
  • Strategic approaches, and the ideas and thinking which drives health promotion.
  • Organisations taking new and innovative approaches to reducing health inequalities.
  • Summaries of research, publications, and academic work. Professional development opportunities.
EuroHealthNet is a not for profit partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working to contribute to a healthier Europe by promoting health and health equity between and within European countries. EuroHealthNet achieves this through its partnership framework by supporting members’ work in EU and associated states through policy and project development, networking and communications.

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