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Good health now, but problems in store for the future? How the accumulation of health and social issues will affect the future health of vulnerable groups.

  Henk Hilderink and Marieke Verschuuren

The general state of public health in the Netherlands appears to be good. The average lifespan is increasing steadily, and most people feel healthy and not restricted by activity limitations. …

Identifying similar health-related behaviour and attitudes in school children – the Hungarian experience

  Péter Csizmadia

In recent years, the improvements in the health of Hungarians has not matched the socioeconomic development of the country.  Several unhealthy behaviours are widespread in the Hungarian population, so changes …

Exploring the links between employment and health promotion within the German Prevention Act

  Frank Lehman

Unemployment – and especially long-term unemployment – restrains the ability to plan for the future. This can cause psychological and social burdens, which are connected to anxiety, stress and psychological …

Improving health, environmental sustainability and equity at the local level through a focus on food systems

  Ingrid Stegeman and Marjolijn Vos

INHERIT is a research initiative coordinated by EuroHealthNet that aims to identify policies and practices that simultaneously improve health, reduce inequalities and contribute to environmental sustainability – and which are …

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EuroHealthNet magazine highlights the most interesting projects and developments in the field of health equity, public health, and health promotion in Europe.

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It gives an international perspective, showing how challenges are approached in different settings. Particular attention is given to initiatives which reach across sectors to improve wellbeing and reduce inequalities.


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