To be a trainee at EuroHealthNet

You are a trainee at EuroHealthNet, what motivated you to come and work in our organisation?


Paulina Nakielny: During my studies I have developed an interest in public health and healthcare management in a broad aspect. After completing a traineeship at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, I was looking to broaden my experience in the NGO health sector. The internship offer at EuroHealthNet I spotted seemed like a natural next step for me. I was sure, that it would give me opportunities to grow as a professional and present interesting challenges during my work.

Clotile Cattaneo: After an experience in Communications with a European Institution, I felt the need to continue and complement my professional training in the non-profit sector. In particular, I was interested in the work that EuroHealthNet does in promoting health equality within and between European countries, and I was interested in contributing and supporting the efforts of this organisation in building healthier communities.

What is your greatest interest in EuroHealthNet’s work?

Paulina Nakielny: Being involved in the European Centre for Innovation, Research and Implementation in Health and Wellbeing (CIRI), I support the IROHLA (Intervention Research on Health Literacy among the Ageing Population) project and focus on managing its publication deliverables. Through that I became familiar with the concept of health literacy and its importance for people and the EU. EuroHealthNet also deals with other, burning, health-related issues, including health inequalities and access to health services. Coming from a country where sexual and reproductive rights of females are not fully respected, I find those issues extremely important. During my work I have learnt programme management and editorial skills, which will surely be useful later down my career path. I also appreciate the possibility to become familiar with NGO’s way of working in the international Brussels’ environment.

Clotile Cattaneo: I would say that my greatest interest is twofold. I am currently assisting in the communications and dissemination activities of two projects promoting healthy ageing and better HIV prevention in Europe, and it is extremely interesting to understand and learn hands-on how these projects operate. At the same time, working on these projects is giving me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on such important topics.

Do you intend to continue working in the health sector / EU world?

Paulina Nakielny: Working in the health area in an international environment has been my goal for a very long time and I believe experience gained at EuroHealthNet will come very useful in pursuing it. I am passionate about improving people’s lives by improving their health. In the end, isn’t it one of the most important values in everybody’s lives?

Clotile Cattaneo: I do intend so. Nowadays, Europe is facing a double challenge. The increase in lifespan and the consequent ageing of the population is demanding a re-thinking of the current national health systems. At the same time, the global economic crisis resulted in a shrinking of the welfare state in many Member States. There’s plenty we can and have to do to contrast this risk of growing inequality, and I would love to give a significant contribution.

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